Sit With: A Meditation and Contemplation Podcast

Sit With is an intimate, accessible, and authentic look into the practice of yoga, meditation and living with verve. Meredith Holt shares simple breathing techniques, wise yoga teachings, and opportunities to reflect on and contemplate life. Join her every Monday to start your week with clarity, calm, and intention.

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Some General Tips:

Helpful Tips:

  • find a space in your home that feels sacred or relaxing

  • sit in a way that allows your to feel “lifted,” either on a cushion or chair- think “strong back, open heart.”  Ideally, the knees are grounded and below the sacrum.

  • light a candle to signify the practice has begun

  • create an altar with flowers, symbols, or pictures of a teacher that inspires you



Meditation is:

  • a PRACTICE- I cannot stress this enough. Meditation is simply an act of sitting, over and over again. It is something you commit to- on “good” days and “bad” days. Sit, observe, stay open and curious.

  • training the mind to be one-pointed

  • awakening fully to life

  • being compassionately open to all that is- the good and bad, pleasure and pain, etc.
  • becoming more flexible and tolerant to the present moment