In the beginning, Meredith enrolled in a yoga teacher training program while teaching pre-school in her hometown of Ormond Beach, Florida. From there, she moved to California where she continued to study education and teach kindergarten and first grade.

However, her heart was in the yoga and the yoga was in her heart. As strong as her plan to teach school was, she couldn't NOT teach yoga and meditation. After a process and journey of forgiving and letting go, she found the courage to follow her heart and dedicate everything to Spirit Wellness. 

Spirit Wellness is a yoga, meditation, and wellness platform that she created to inspire a natural state of vitality, balance, and ease within you and the world. Personally, she is committed to connecting her readers and students to the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of being, consciously guiding them to the present moment and encouraging them to stay open and curious about the world around them. She is known for balancing the strength and structure of the practice with grace and ease, and offers the practice as an opportunity for individual and collective healing, empowerment, and love.

Meredith teaches regular yoga and meditation classes at Yoga Garden in San Francisco, California and travels the world teaching and leading workshops and retreats. She has a particular interest and passion for sharing these nourishing and life-fulfilling practices with women of all ages. She offers Wise and Wild Women's retreats on college campuses and at retreat centers around the world, leading yoga, meditation, intuitive dance, and discussion sessions to explore the feminine energy of intuition, creativity, and life-fulfilling well-being. If you are interested in hosting a Wise and Wild retreat, contact her at