Mindful May Campaign

Join the Mindful May Campaign and experience more peace, clarity, and authentic connection.

This is the heartbeat of yoga and the initiation of an awakened LIFE. It is through the practice of SITTING that we cultivate a relationship with the mind and begin to hear and feel the noise and busyness, as well as the pockets of quiet stillness and harmony. Meditation invites us to rest the attention on the breath (or another focal point), to notice when thoughts arise, and to choose the present moment over and over and over again. Each breath offers a rich and vibrant life that can only be experienced in the present and each inhale gives us an opportunity to engage carefully with the world.

So I invite you to SIT each morning!

I recommend sitting for 6-11 minutes, which is plenty of time to notice the churning of the mind and to practice shifting the attention to the moment. If at all possible, I HIGHLY recommend sitting in the morning before taking care of family or work. You can tell me, but I have found that there is something powerful about starting the day with the vitality and clarity of the breath.



Other ways to participate

Along with your home practice, you are welcome to join me Tuesday evenings at Thriveability SF, where I'll be leading a meditation series for the month of May. You can also attend my regular public Yoga and Meditation classes at Yoga Garden SF on Tues/Thurs mornings or Sunday evenings. I will also be posting Instagram LIVE meditations every Monday morning and you can tune in @meredithholtyoga 

Finally, I'd love for you to take a look and consider donating the gift of yoga and meditation to k-12 teachers! Learn more about Headstand's powerful mission and give today.