Connect and Move From Your Intuition

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Wise and Wild Women

A Retreat, A Remembrance, A Call to RISE 

Intuition is that beyond reason.

It's a jump from nothing to something. It's knowledge gathered from a feeling rather than conscious reasoning. Energetically, it is the FEMININE- the creator, the healer, Mother Earth, and the Moon. It is that which moves and flows in rhythm with something larger than our individual selves. 

June 24th, 2017 is a new moon, the start of a new cycle. The moon is dark, reminding us to take time to be still, empty, and receptive. It is a time full of potential and the initiation of new beginnings, making it an ideal time to set BIG and MAGICAL intentions.

Gathering during the new moon is an ancient and powerful ritual to inspire healing, creativity, comfort, and understanding. It is a sacred and nourishing time for women, a gift we so rarely accept.

So I invite you to join me!

Together we will connect to the intuition, remember our natural and WILD state of being, and pause in the moment before it begins again.





Open to all who identify as a woman

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Yoga Garden SF

June 24th

7:00 pm



Move from your intuition and set BIG intentions