Bali's Embodied Wisdom

I think perhaps the photographs can share more than my words ever could, so please peruse and take time and pleasure in them. Of course, I'm still processing all I experienced and will continue to, as humans do, create my narratives and memories for all that I saw and felt as well as my expectations and dreams for what I hope to see and feel again (or not). And as my lived experience sits in this body and through this time with the other life around me, certainly a clarity, a wholeness, a wisdom begins to emanate and merge with the story bigger than myself.

Pay attention to the lush jungle, listen to the lyrical melody of the birds and insects, see the open and close and open again of the lotus flower, and it's easy to remember the richness of the Earth, this planet we are so privileged to be a part of. Observe and say, "hello," to the people who walk, engage with, and deeply honor this land and you start to remember that we are invited, welcomed, and responsible for taking good care of it.

My time in Bali has encouraged me to notice myself, and human beings collectively, as a part of the natural world. The human body is born from the Earth and it will return to it once again, and for this brief moment in time we are supported, held, and sustained by Her. We need Mother Earth and her generous resources while we are here and it is up to us to take only what we need. In yoga, this is the practice of aparigraha, or non-gripping- physically and mentally. The thoughts, words, and actions we choose will most certainly have an effect and leave an imprint for the many humans and life forms that will come after we are gone. So how much water do we really need to wash the dishes? How much food do we really need to buy or order at the restaurant? How much plastic, packaging, and waste are we wanting to produce? How will my thought loops and patterns manifest? How will my words and actions affect the lives and future lives I share this planet with? These are some of the questions Bali asked and is challenging me to explore deeper as a I re-enter my life here.

Bali tells us that we live within nature and as nature. Bali tells us to honor what is here and what is being offered. Bali tells us to be aware of the effects of our choices, to know everything is interwoven, to consume mindfully, and to be a part of the harmony and radiance of the world.