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Sit With Meditation: Sankalpa, the Heart's Longing


Welcome to another episode of Sit With, A Meditation and Contemplation Podcast. In this practice, we start by calling Ganesh, the Remover of obstacles and the Lord of new beginnings. We come through 108 rounds of the mantra and deep seeded vibration, "OM GAM GANAPATAYE NAMAHA." From this initiation, we remember sankalpa. In yoga sankalpa is the heart's longing of how we want to feel and BE in this life.

Let an emotion, a word, or maybe a phrase arise in the body, around the heart, and in the mind and from this remembrance welcome a devotion. It's from this place that we have the opportunity to align our thoughts, words, and actions to this sankalpa, or heart-filled intention.

Yoga, NOW, is an offering to the well-being, the freedom, and the sweet joy for all beings everywhere. Yoga, NOW, is a living and practical practice to be awake, compassionate, and loving in the world. Yoga, NOW, is a way of being in this new year and in each moment.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhanvantu


2017- The Year of DEVOTION

Austin Weaver Photography                                                                                  Ormond Beach, FL 

Austin Weaver Photography                                                                                  Ormond Beach, FL 

I gave myself a lot of time and space to reflect and sit quietly as I approached and entered the new year, and what I discovered was this very gentle yearning that is being brought slowly to a rolling boil.

For me, this year is about DEVOTION: 

1. To the practice of yoga and to the clear teaching to show up over and over and OVER again.

2. To the teachers- to all those that came before us, who have walked this path, and who have so graciously passed the wisdom down the lineage.

3. To the community- to our neighbors and their neighbors and their neighbors, and so it goes.

4. To Mother Earth and to her nourishing, healing, and inspiring offerings.

5. To the Self- to the Atman, the inherent light and love that is our inheritance.

May this devotion lead to more peace, clarity, and equanimity in the collective consciousness.