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Wise and Wild Women: A Retreat, A Remembrance, A Call To Rise


How do we know when we are in touch with our intuition? Often, we can feel that there is a wisdom beyond the intellect of the mind and the instinct of the body. But that still, quiet voice is hard to hear as the problems of the world rage around us.

It is time to reconnect and own the subtle and precise POWER of the intuition. It is time to unleash the wild women within, to return to our roots, and reclaim the feminine ways of being and knowing. Ourselves, our society, and our Earth are in need of a big shift and we cannot do it without YOU.

Join the movement as we connect to the magic, strength, and intelligence that is our birthright. Step into the responsibility of the modern medicine woman and connect with a community of those who are ready to manifest their wisdom and wildness. By sitting in the light of our individual intuition and collective power, together we can heal the world.

This workshop is held on the night of the new moon as an opportunity to connect and be with the subtle power of intuition. The evening will include yoga, meditation, dance, community and discussion. This workshop is open to anyone who identifies as a woman.

Come to explore. Come to be seen. Come to RISE.

This course provides 2 Elective Contact Hours for YGSF’s 300 Hour Program [2 Yoga Alliance® CEUs].

For more about our 300 Hour Teacher Training CLICK HERE.

Tuition is $45, or $35 if you enroll on or before 8/25.

YGSF Members receive 10% off the regular price of this workshop. Alumni receive 15% off the regular price of this workshop.