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Oil Pulling With Pure and Essential Oils

Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic technique for cleaning and eliminating toxins in the mouth. The oil introduced attracts or pulls bad bacteria and plaque from gums, teeth, and other oral surfaces, inspiring fresher breath and a long, healthy life. We know it's important to floss and brush teeth and rinse with a mouthwash in order to prevent gum disease, which has been linked to heart complications. Oil pulling is a natural, more gentle, and sustainable mouthwash option. Many brands such as Listerine and Scope contain alcohol and other harsh ingredients that cause a burning sensation and kills many of the good bacteria needed for dental and overall health.

Sesame oil is the traditional oil of choice; however, I prefer the nuttier and more aromatic coconut oil. I think it is a bit more approachable and much more pleasant. Either way, it is important to use a high-quality and organic oil. My shoutout goes to Dr. Bronner's certified fair trade, organic virgin coconut oil, which can be purchased online or at your local health foods store. 

The process is simple: place a small spoonful of oil in your mouth and gently hold and then swish it around for 10-20 minutes. If newer to this practice, start small! 1-2 teaspoons for just a few minutes is plenty and as you get more comfortable, you can increase your time and work your way up to about a tablespoon. I recommend oil pulling in the morning, before you eat breakfast or drink tea or coffee.

If you follow my stories on Instagram, you probably saw that I have been exploring the many uses of essential oils. I started putting one drop of peppermint oil in my spoonful of coconut oil and am LOVING it! The added peppermint invigorates the experience, leaving me feeling much more awake and ready for the day. Alternatively, you could add one drop of lemon, clove, or orange essential oil. The essential oils are quite potent so I wouldn't use more than ONE drop. I would also highly, highly recommend you use a good-quality and dependable oil source such as dōTERRA

After you are finished pulling, spit the oil in a compost or trash bin. Avoid sinks if possible because the oil could accumulate in and clog your pipes.

Follow the oil pulling with your normal tongue scraping, flossing, and brushing routine. 

Try it, let me know how it goes, and reach out with any questions! 

With Light and Love,